Learning Design and Development

Anyone can take training content and put it online. However, the real challenge is to develop learning experiences that focus on the participation of your learners and are therefore informed by relevant learning design.

We are educators by heart and by trade so this is where we can help you create something special that is underpinned by good teaching and learning.

We will collaborate with you to develop an understanding of your learners, their aspirations, pain points, needs, and comfort with what will be delivered to them. We’ll also work to ensure that training and performance goals are well defined.

As a process of design, we will work with your subject matter experts to write, storyboard and develop digital learning that is aligned to your learning objectives and also uses technology to enhance the online experience of your learners.

In a world of ubiquitous technology, learning has become a complex collaboration between the instructor, the learner, and the digital medium. It is our job to help you navigate this complexity and to put the learning back into eLearning.

“If instruction represents a form of delivery, and if we are beyond delivery, then we have reached a stage where we are beyond instruction. – Rob Sims Capella University