Design Thinking

Design thinking, a solutions based approach to solving so called ‘wicked problems’, has emerged from the processes that designers have used over the last twenty years to create unique and innovative products and services. Design thinking is viewed as a process and mindset that can challenge the transactional nature of education and professional development and encourage movement towards a more transformative experience.

At Graccon, we use design thinking to work with you to rediscover the joy of teaching and learning. We work with you to:

  • Hand back the process of innovation to your learning community
  • Build and support communities of practice
  • Build your creative confidence to innovate on novel ideas
  • Introduce and plan inquiry based learning
  • Amplify teacher voice in the process of curriculum development
  • Unlock student voice for contributing to curriculum planning and development
  • Explore and support a constructivist approach to learning
  • Develop extended programmes that focus on issues of social justice and environment
  • Explore the design of learning spaces. If you are already in new spaces we help you unlock their potential.

We will explore with you, in a fun way, the duality of design as something that designers do or the way they think. By exploring the often ambiguous interpretations of design thinking, we will push you past ‘doing’ design thinking and allow you to unlock your potential as a designer of a better world.