Design Thinking

We love design thinking. Not as a magic bullet to solve all your problems but as a framework that:

values individuals and their interactions

builds projects around motivated people

helps your teams to think in visible, social and collaborative ways

You’ll find that with increased creative confidence that your team members will bring innovation to your learning and working spaces.

Our approach

As we provide completely bespoke services we will work with you to build a ‘design brief’ before customising our workshops for your context. We will then use this brief to help you form design teams that will be guided through the design thinking process. We can apply this designerly and agile ways of working and thinking in a number of different ways.

Learning Design

Graccon Learning Solutions fore and foremost assists with Learning Design. Design thinking provides an agile way of guiding your design of learning, especially if you are looking for innovation. For instance we’ll help you flesh out real learner profiles – to help ensure your learning designs are user centred. We have worked with K-12 classroom practitioners as well as tertiary educators in this capacity designing face-to-face, online and blended learning.

Inquiry Learning

In this space you will learn that your students are great designers and thinkers. We can co-design with you and your students units of inquiry (e.g STEM) that empower you and your students to explore problems and design solutions. In this space design thinking is not just a problem solving strategy but a different way of exploring the world.

Design Thinking For Innovation

Design thinking provides balance in the techno-centric view of innovation that dominates many sectors including business and education. As a human centred process it encourages high team engagement and a way of working together in highly creative ways.