About Us

Graham Clark BA, Dip T, Dip E

Graham is a dedicated and highly respected Learning and Development (L&D) professional with over 20 years experience in the education sector. He began his career as a secondary teacher before moving into technology and becoming an IT trainer. He has a wide range of experience in adult education. He has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) Degree, a certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, a Diploma of eLearning and the PRINCE2 Foundation project management program.

He works full time at Graccon Learning Solutions as a trainer, facilitator and eLearning developer. Graham is passionate about all forms of learning and is particularly interested in social learning. He enjoys facilitating learning both in face-to-face and online settings. His goal is to bring his passion and expertise in learning and learning design to educational institutions and in doing so improve student learning outcomes.


Simon Keily BSc (Hon) BEd (Secondary)

Simon is a passionate and experienced Science educator. Having taught in both the private and public sectors, Simon has gained a wealth of experience in engaging young learners.

Simon has spent the bulk of his teaching career in Government & Private schools that have adopted a 1:1 use of laptops. This has enabled Simon to develop real strengths in utilising technology in an educational setting, in ways that allow students to take ownership of and be at the centre of their own learning.

Before stepping into the teaching profession, Simon spent over six years contributing to cardiovascular research and is able to apply his working knowledge of the scientific community to the teaching and learning environment.

Simon now works as an educator in the Museum sector but spends time advising Graccon in sustainable use of digital technologies in education. As you will note, Simon also blogs from this site. :-)